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Top 5 Driving Roads in Europe

Humans created automobiles with the only purpose of easy, time-saving and comfortable traveling. With easy traveling and comfort, automobiles like cars have brought entertainment, relaxation and amazing road views. So pack your bags, find your colleagues because we are going to drive through the top 5 driving roads in Europe.

The magic of Europe

Europe has been gifted with loads of natural beauty, amazing weather, and beautiful people. So let us take a look at some of the best roads in Europe.

1. Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria


This road has attracted numerous sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts till date. The road passes through the Hohe Tauren National Park located in the High Alpines. You will be surprised to know that this road has 36 hairpin bends which are quite challenging. The road gives you the unforgettable views of approximately 37 mountains. Not just challenging, but the road offers breathtaking views of pine-clad hills, rocky cliffs, lakes, meadows, barren land as well as glaciers.

The road starts at Bruck in Salzburg valley and ends at Carinthia. The route is 30 miles and will take around an hour (without halt).

2. Verdon Gorge circuit, France


France is considered among the best places in the world for tourism and Provence is one important region of France which offers a memorable drive. The road takes you from little markets to the natural wonders. The road is gentle initially and would slowly increase its level of sharpness. Amazing views with drops of up to 2,000 feet will take your breath away.

The trip starts from Lorgues and is a round trip. Total length is 115 miles and early morning is the best time to start the trip. This will help you avoid the rush.

3. Romantische Strasse, Germany


Do you love fairy-tales? Well, this route is something like that. A road full of castles, palaces, walled towns and nature. Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are two south German states which are included in this route. You will encounter a palace, a medieval wine village and a river. If this isn’t enough, you will also come across a castle.

Further, you can enjoy the natural wonders of mountains and valleys. In between, you can relax in the spa town of Bad Mergentheim. The road starts from Würzburg and ends in Füssen. The length is 220 miles and could be enjoyed with sightseeing as well as overnight stays.

4. Route one – Iceland


Iceland is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. With natural wonders like volcanoes, lava fields, waterfalls, hot springs, ash deserts and geysers, route one is the ultimate gift from nature. This road trip can be life changing, some people fell in love with this place soo much that they decided to live there.

The route starts from Reykjavik and is 800 miles. Allow yourself a week or 10 days to explore this wonder of Iceland.

5. The Military Road, Isle of Wight


Looking for a short but sweet road trip? Then this one is just tailored for you. The road offers the most spectacular stretches of coastal road of Southern England. You can drive around the southern tip of Isle of Wight. Further, the road climbs to St. Catherine’s Down and takes a curve to Blackgang Chine. Trip over? No, a magical panaroamic view is waiting for you off the south-west coast of the Island.

The length of this road is 12 miles, it starts just beyond Blackgang. The route takes around 30 minutes (non-stop) but definitely you will stop and admire the nature around you.


Beautiful road trips such as above can be breathtaking and memorable. You need to spend time for yourself, for your family and your friends. These road trips will make it the best time of your life.

Adventurous road trips are fun but also risky, so take care about the automobile which you are driving. Upgrading it with accessories like aluminum alloy f1r wheels is always a good choice. It increases brake clearance and durability. It is also lightweight. So simply take care of such small upgrades and enjoy these breathtaking road trips. Don’t read, start driving!

Learn Everything You Need to Know About the Audi A4

With the launch of Audi A4 in the mid 90’s, the German car maker made quick progress in attaining the global recognition to the A4. The best of the car was the well-designed cabin, all fresh interiors and wonderful handling and the option of 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive with Quattro technology. The most characteristics people love in the car is the European design and sensibility, inner ambiance which are provided by the panel gaps, first class materials, and comfortable seating. Audi redesigned the A4 for 2009 year which was one of the best cars than ever before. The redesigned car is much huger in all aspects than its predecessors. The width was increased by 2.1 inches and length was increased by 4/6 inches. The wheelbase was increased by 6.6 inches longer. Even with changes in its physical design, Audi A4 remains the best choice for many drivers as it still maintains the same old good handling and nimbleness.
The 2009 version of the Audi A4 also features new version engine – a 2.0 liter, turbo-charged 4 cylinder engine which develops a whooping 211 Hp. The other new features that have been added to the newest model include a set of audi bc racing coilovers. Also a set of daylight LED lights that were formatted from the Audi A8 car, which has now become another trademark for Audi. With the addition of lighter and stronger parts, more resistance to the wind and more spacious cabin, Audi A4 is sure here to stay for a quite long time. Audi’s engineers have made great progress by reducing the AC consumption by 20%, which in turn decreased the fuel consumption by 10%.

Apart from the interiors, Audi has made many changes by adding on few extra technological features. They introduced the Adaptive cruise control system, blind spot detection, a rear-view camera, and the Audi drive select, which allows the driver to choose dynamically the suspension system and steering, to make it more usable as a cruiser or either as a sports sedan. In a recent survey conducted, many have voted Audi as their top choice as a family car and the second runner up was the bc racing is300 vehicle that was presented by lexus in 2015.

With the launch in UK market with the saloon segment, Audi has planned to launch their Avant version into the UK markets next April. With the release of this version, the availability of the Audi A4 Cabrio will be reduced. The plans are to introduce a convertible version of the Audi A5 coupe in place of the Cabrio. Also, Audi has made it clear that it will not build more than 1 RS model. So the RS4 may be delayed for some time now. Audi has launched a new model of the life cycle, and they would like to wait for at least two more years before launching the RS series.

But there can always be a change in the plan. Replacing the popular A4 Cabrio with the new series A5 will result in no more sales of the RS4 Cabrio, an important model that has been high in sales in the US markets. Nonetheless, there are small similarities and differences between the models, which you can decide on based on personal preference.